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These people are absolutely wonderful, fast, friendly and go to all extremes to help. Their friendly natures make you feel so comfortable and I would never go anywhere else again. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good honest deal done.

Experienced with most Non Bank Lenders in NZ Creating Simple Financial Solutions.

Pioneer brokers for Non Bank lending in New Zealand, NonBk Ltd has always led the way and been committed to helping you to understand alternative lending solutions – for when your Bank says NO! 

Non Bank Lenders NZ Offer More

Non Bank lenders offer you more lending options when buying your first home, investment property, commercial property, rural finance, and business loans. We evaluate the opportunities based on your financial position, past history, and future goals in order to help you purchase a home or another property, giving you expert financial advice and recommendations to achieve your mortgage goals. NonBk Ltd will help you with the entire mortgage application process, considering details such as mortgage rates, income sources, credit history, terms and establishing a borrowing strategy for your home loan or commercial application. Our financial advisors work with professional Non Bank lenders offering structured solutions to clients across NZ and Kiwis who have flown the nest.  

Second Tier Lenders understand different individuals financial situation

Every financial need and situation is different. The rules and criteria for residential, investment and commercial properties are also constantly changing, as are interest rates. It is important to seek advice from professionals. Our specialist team will also help with the process of refinancing to exit a Bank if they are forcing this or return to a bank lending finance option if your financial affairs are all now in order. Giving you a top tier, long term lending service for all your mortgage needs.  

Whilst our Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisers are based in Auckland, we deal with Non Bank clients & lenders all over New Zealand and have the benefit of being able to present your loan application directly to the decision makers. Along the way we can explain any challenges you are facing, simplifying the arduous mortgage processes and clarifying the details that go into -approving your loan.  

Simplifying Non Bank Mortgage

We are here to make lending simple, to help you buy, build or refinance a house, buy rental or commercial property. We are also now accredited with three lenders that provide short term business loans and you can deal with them directly, and funds can be available within 24 hours! 

How can non bank lenders help you?

Why choose NonBank as your lender?

Have you ever dealt with a big bank or lender and felt like just another number. It’s hard not to feel that way when you constantly get asked to fill out forms and tick boxes to prove you’re worthy of being their customer. Fortunately, Tier 2 or Non Bank lenders are a lot more flexible, and that’s why we love dealing with them.

Here at Non Bank, our experienced financial advisers take a personalised approach to everything we do. You’ll talk to real people who take the time to understand your needs. If you need a home loan right now but want to consider buying rental properties in the future, we’ll help you plan for it. It’s about finding the right Bank on Non Bank products to support your needs now and into the future.

For a customised lending service that ticks YOUR boxes, contact us today.

When you approach a bank or lender directly, you only ever have access to their financial products and services. When you deal with Non Bank, we work on your behalf to find the best solutions in the market. Importantly, that includes non bank lenders who are more flexible in their requirements. As such, we offer comprehensive financial solutions for New Zealanders.

Home loans: Need help buying a first home, an investment property, or want to build? We can help you find the right home loan for your circumstances.

Bad credit home loans: Is a poor credit history stopping banks and lenders from approving your home loan application? Talk to us – we’ll find a bad credit home loan when the banks have said no.

Hard to prove income: Are you self employed, on contract or commission only and it is difficult to verify your income? You may own a business and  your financials are not up to date or you had one bad year, that impacts how much you can borrow. We deal with a number of lenders who make income verification easier with Low Doc Home Home Loans.

Refinancing: If you need to refinance your loans for a better deal, Non Bank is here to help.

Self-employed/low-doc home loans: Finding a home loan can be a serious pain if you’re self-employed. Where other banks and lenders make things difficult for you, we’ll find a non-bank lender that values your business.

Second mortgages: Taking out a second mortgage is a way to access short-term finance for emergencies, renovations, purchases, debt consolidation and more. Ask us about second mortgages and home equity lines of credit today.

Debt consolidation: Sometimes, smaller debts can accumulate and be difficult to manage. Talk to our expert financial advisors today if you’d like to consolidate your debts into easier, more manageable payments.

Our services aren’t just limited to individuals. If you need commercial finance, our industry experts can help make it happen. Most non bank lenders are far more agreeable to working with commercial customers and there are fewer hoops to jump through. Our experienced financial advisors in NZ are highly qualified and skilled in the world of commercial finance. 

Whether you want to purchase a commercial investment property, renovate an existing property or acquire bridging finance, we can help. From property developers to business owners, we’ve helped countless clients achieve their goals through non-bank lenders.

Did you know that you can obtain business loans without a spotless credit history? We partner with non-bank lenders throughout New Zealand to offer a range of innovative business finance products. Whether your existing business needs a quick cashflow injection, or you want to start a business, we can help. Our experts can help you find and apply for small business loans or even short-term finance using your home’s equity. We even have options for unsecured business loans.

 Best of all, the Tier 2 non bank lenders we deal with all act fast. No waiting around days or weeks for a bank to pore over every line of your bank statements. Just fast approval, often within hours of applying. Business finance often feels complicated when you deal with the big banks, but here at Non Bank, we show you just how streamlined it can be.

Additional FAQ

In New Zealand, second-tier financial institutions are also known as non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs). This term covers a range of companies that offer financial services but don’t hold a banking license from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Some examples of second-tier financial institutions include finance companies, private lenders, credit unions, building societies, and peer-to-peer lenders.

Banks and other financial institutions holding the appropriate licenses are referred to as Tier 1. However, a Tier 2 financial institution shouldn’t be considered a ‘lesser’ alternative. In fact, they often provide products and services that major lenders don’t. Some cater to niche markets, and most of them still work alongside traditional banks and lenders.

The major difference between Tier 1 and 2 loans is where they come from. As the name suggests, Tier 1 loans come from a Tier 1 lender, such as a big bank. Tier 2 loans come from a Tier 2 lender, such as a finance company, credit union. The other distinguishing factor in a financial sense is the level of perceived risk.

Tier 1 loans offered through traditional banks come with stricter eligibility requirements. As such, they are seen as being less of a risk, because banks only give home loans to those with very strong financial circumstances. 

Tier 2 loans, on the other hand, are considered to be slightly riskier because they can be offered to those with poor credit history, the self-employed, or those who can’t provide as much financial documentation. Due to the increased level of risk, Tier 2 loans often have higher interest rates but they are also accessible to a wider range of people.

There are many reasons someone may consider using a second-tier lender over a traditional bank. Some of these reasons include:

  •  Low credit rating: If your credit rating is poor, you may only be approved by certain Tier 2 lenders.
  • Fast service: If your borrowing needs are urgent, Tier 2 lenders often make decisions on applications much more quickly than a regular bank.
  • Unique borrowing needs: If you have a niche requirement, such as borrowing to fund a project that normal banks don’t deal with, you may find success with a Tier 2 lender.
  • Self-employed: If you’re self-employed, you often can’t provide the types of documentation that Tier 1 lenders require. As such, you might be eligible for a low-doc home loan through a non-bank lender instead.
  • Personalised services: Unlike regular banks who want everyone to fit into a neat box, Tier 2 lenders offer more flexibility and personalisation. You’ll find Tier 2 lenders more receptive to your individual needs.

You don’t even need to have any of the reasons above to use a Tier 2 lender. Many people are simply tired of dealing with big banks because they have a number of issues with them. If you want a better way to manage your finances, it’s worth considering an alternative. You may find that you answer one question for a Bank then they ask another 5!

Second-tier lending is booming in popularity right now for plenty of reasons. The major reason is that people want to own homes, but can’t always satisfy Tier 1 lending requirements. However, there are some other factors that influence this growth in popularity.

Banks and other Tier 1 lenders are heavily regulated and subject to strict regulations. Often, the red tape that annoys people when dealing with major banks isn’t even the bank’s fault. It’s to satisfy the requirements of their banking license. This makes life more difficult for borrowers who look for other options.

Speed is another key factor. Despite their size, Tier 1 lenders often take a long time to approve or deny a home loan application. Tier 2 Non Bank lenders are often faster, which customers appreciate.

It’s not just everyday homebuyers looking for an alternative to the big banks. Property investors, who are traditionally known as being quite savvy, are also linking up with Tier 2 lenders. Here are some of the reasons a property investor could choose to ditch their Tier 1 lender.

  • Flexibility: Tier 2 lenders offer greater flexibility because their requirements aren’t as strict. This flexibility also makes it easier for property investors with niche interests. For example, getting loans for heritage buildings or other unique properties can be tough with a big bank, but a non-bank lender may be a different story.


  • Speed: Property investors want to act fast when they spot a bargain. That’s not always possible when Tier 1 lenders take so long to process applications. Often, Tier 2 lenders make faster decisions, allowing savvy investors to snap up bargain properties before anybody else.


  • Tailored solutions: Property investors don’t necessarily think about home loans in the same way an everyday New Zealander might. Investors often use complex financial structures and systems to build a wealth portfolio. While banks should applaud this innovation, they often make it too difficult with paperwork and regulatory requirements. Tier 2 lenders offer a more personalised service that considers your entire wealth strategy.

Although the practice of using Tier 2 lenders for property investment is quite new, Non Bank’s experienced financial advisors are well-equipped to assist property investors with their needs, no matter how diverse a portfolio they may have and can at times be be more flexible on borrowing ratios.

For a customised lending service that ticks YOUR boxes, contact us today.