Do you want to buy a home but feel as if your options with traditional Banks have run out? Have the Banks’ tough rules around income, living costs and deposit criteria or even your current age, made it all seem impossible? Many of our clients have dealt with Banks and Brokers and are sick of being told NO! 

Even if you fall outside of Bank lending guidelines we can still look at ways to help you with a Non Bank Home Loan, maybe your income is outside the box or you have too much short term debt, a couple of credit glitches, or your parents want to help, we can give you easy-to-understand advice and help you through the process.

We are getting regular enquiries from new clients who are being told that they are “too old”. Many have been very successful in life raised a family, and have good equity in the property but the Bank’s criteria restrict loan terms that go beyond the age of 65. Their concern is, what happens if you stop working or your health makes it a struggle to hold a full time job. We like to discuss this with you so there is a plan that can be explained to the proposed lender. We also respect what you have already achieved and expect that you will still manage your financial affairs responsibly.

We make it our business to know which home loans will work for you, and the Non Bank lenders that can give you an alternative option if your Bank has problems. Just because you have tried other Brokers don’t give up, many Brokers are only allowed to deal with a few Non Bank lenders, we deal with most. Why shop in a corner store when you can go to a Shopping Mall?

If you would like to know more about how Non Bank can help you on the property ladder, and how you can still apply for a home loan or to re-mortgage, then contact one of the team today, as they are dedicated Home loan Specialists.