Applying for a commercial property loan or property development finance for owner-occupied or investment commercial premises can often be more attainable through Non-Bank lenders, as there will be less hoops to jump through. Often this is short term and interest only, but buys you time to complete or refurbish the property to establish the rental or lease income to satisfy a Bank’s credit requirements. Our team of financial advisers can help you with your commercial property investment or development finance to allow you to complete and market the property, lease long term, or be an owner occupier with your own business.  

NonBk specialises in commercial loans and with highly qualified NZ based commercial mortgage brokers, we offer the right financial advice and input for your development projects. We can arrange commercial property loans and finance to fund business premises which include retail, offices, industrial, or for land developments, motels, hotels, rest homes, and childcare centres. If your Bank is not making it easy for you to apply for a commercial loan, bridging finance, or funding to complete a property development, maybe even suggesting that you don’t meet their criteria and it may be best to refinance, contact us to discuss Non Bank options that may work better for you.

You may already be with a Non Bank commercial lender and your facility was for a short term and now due to expire. We are being approached by a number of new clients who are finding their current lender has increased their rates and fees significantly or will not extend the loan and want it repaid, so you are being forced to refinance.

The scope of commercial property loans in NZ is vast and may include taking advice from solicitors, accountants, engineers, registered valuers, property managers, quantity surveyors and other professional consultants as needed with both Bank and Non Bank lenders. We are aware that some lenders have a strong preference for who they use for their due diligence, so if you require any advice on this, to avoid duplicated costs, contact our team first. 

Our commercial property finance advisers are very experienced, each with their own specific area of expertise, and together they form a strong team to help make your commercial venture a success.