The Challenge of Home Loan Approval for the Self-Employed

If you are one of the many New Zealand workers who are self employed – an alt doc loan or low doc home loan may help you with a home loan approval. Without a regular income, it can be difficult to produce the financial information that banks require for a home loan application. NonBk Ltd is here to help you with your low doc home loan application here in New Zealand.   

A low doc or alt doc home loan is often the best option when you are self employed and struggling to show your income with financial accounts. In this situation a Non Bank  lender may accept a letter from your Accountant, GST returns and 6 months business bank statements. 

Non Bank Ltd: Your Solution for Low Doc Home Loans

 A low document home loan is a great solution for individuals with multiple sources of income, self employed business owners, small business owners, commission based employees, contractors or seasonal workers. If you feel as though you do not fit the criteria for a standard home loan, it is time to talk to us about a low-doc loan. Low doc mortgages are not offered by banks, but are useful in helping to purchase your home with minimal time, documentation and hassle. They can also assist with short-term development funding or to help you release equity to start a new business or for working capital.   

If your Bank is constantly saying no, or the process of a home loan application is becoming far too complicated, it may be time to look elsewhere. Non Bank Low Doc home loans, equity release, and refinancing are now available in NZ for up to 80% of the property value, with flexible income verification required.   

Qualifying for Low Doc or Alt Doc Home Loans

Chat to one of our experienced Non Bank Advisers, to see how we can help you with an innovative financial solution to your low doc loan needs.