Non Bank Home Loans for existing homes or new builds, bridging finance, helping you upsize or downsize, maybe you have a gifted deposit, are buying at a reduced price from family, have had a credit issue or the Bank is concerned about how long you will continue to work for?  Our solutions, when your Bank says NO, have helped so many people into homes even if you are new to NZ, self-employed, buying a home with friends or family or need a quick fix second mortgage to help with your deposit, or sometimes you think the Banks just make it all too complicated. 

With Covid, inflation and new lending criteria first home buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder. You may have been told to save for a year but now you no longer qualify, or the loan amount has reduced, and the property price increased! Many clients thought they had a pre-approval but it was cancelled. Whilst a good deposit and employment and credit history help, life is not always like that, so when your Bank or friends say “you need to see a Non Bank broker”, that is us.  

We also specialise in Non Bank financing for spec builds, or those wanting to buy a home that needs work, water issues, plaster or earthquake damage. Refinancing and debt consolidation are also a common request, and clients needing top ups and bridging finance. 

We are always looking for new ways to say “Yes” rather than “No”. 

Has your Bank or Adviser said no to your lending application? We work with Non Bank lenders that assess each loan proposal on its merits, Home Loans, Rentals, Refinancing, Debt Consolidation. 

Have you existing equity in a home, a gifted deposit, you are buying below market value, maybe “The Bank of Mum and Dad” are helping, or circumstances that just do not seem to work for your Bank, it costs nothing to chat with us. 

You may be getting told the property needs too much work, we don’t lend in that location, your age or employment concerns us, your savings history is not great or you drink too many coffees, then contact us for a second opinion. 

If you are not a home owner yet, but still need finance, we are now able to help New Zealanders with their Personal, Vehicle and Business finance needs. We have partnered with One Partner to help you with Personal Loans & Car Loans. Apply online now! 

Or, if you are looking for Business loans, $5k to $500k, we have partnered with three Non Bank Australian Specialist lenders who are operating in New Zealand and focus on either unsecured or secured Business Loans. It can take only minutes to apply, and funds can be in your account within 24 hours. Apply online now!