Disclaimer- Direct / External Links to Online Lending Partners

Any external links to other websites outside of First Rate Mortgages Limited (FRM) and NonBk Limited (NB) domain(s) and websites are provided for convenience and informational purposes only.  Please note that when dealing directly with any of the online lending partners (lenders) linked to FRM and NB’s websites, you are dealing directly with such lenders.  FRM and NB’s online lending partners may include (but are not necessarily limited to):  One Partner, Prospa, HomeSec, and Bizcap.  FRM and NB can only provide you with financial advice once you have formally engaged our services and once we have successfully onboarded you as a client and completed an assessment of your personal objectives, financial situation, and needs. 

FRM and NB expressly recommend that you check whether any product offered by a lender is appropriate to your financial needs, objectives, affordability, and situation before acquiring such product(s) including any personal loans, short term business loans, or line of credit.  Any application and facility preferences including the loan term, interest rate, payment frequencies, etc are subject to the lender’s own lending criteria and final approval.  

You should seek independent advice from a trusted advisor prior to acquiring any products offered by the lenders.  Your Solicitor, or Accountant would be a good first port of call, alternatively, you can also discuss any offered products with us (FRM and NB) to see whether these products are suitable to you and whether there are any alternative options available to you that would best suit your needs.  You will be required to complete FRM and NB’s Fact Find Application and supporting documentation such as ID, Income Verification, Credit Checks, and Bank Statements prior to FRM and NB being able to offer you any financial advice.  

FRM and NB are advised that the lender’s average standard loan approval time is 24 hours based on normal working business hours, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.  More complicated applications may however take longer and may require additional information. 

Any external links from FRM and NB’s website to any online lending partner does not constitute an endorsement by FRM and NB of these lenders or their products and services.  You expressly agree that when dealing directly with any online lending partner and when using any external links on FRM and NB’s websites, you do so at your sole risk.  FRM and NB are not liable for any loss or damage suffered or incurred whatsoever (whether direct or otherwise) in connection with your use of their website or of any linked website including your use of and/or reliance on any website content accessed through FRM or NB’s website or any linked website.  All applications for credit are subject to the lender’s own internal credit assessment criteria. 

Although FRM and NB take all reasonable care to make sure there is no error, we make no guarantees as to the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information contained in the brief profiles and external links to the lenders.  All information is subject to change without further notice.  

A referral commission may be paid to FRM and/or NB where a lending partner approves your application and can assist you. 

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